National Health Communication Policy, 2012 has been endorsed by the cabinet, which is the milestone for health promotion, education and communication program. It is a document of high commitment and priority of government for health promotion, education and communication program in the health sector. This policy also gives a mandate to NHEICC for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health promotion, education and health communication program of all health services and program of all 3 departments under the ministry of health and population.

Developing, producing and disseminating health messages and materials to promote and support health programs and services in an integrated manner is part of the responsibility. It, also, regulates the health messages produced and disseminated by other partner organizations and stakeholders through the media.

Vision, Goal and Objective

Vision : Healthy, conscious and responsive citizens concerned
with happy life.

Goal: To promote health, prevention and control of diseases and increase the maximum utilisation of available health care services.

Objectives: To promote health of the people by raising health
awareness and preventing diseases through the efforts
of the people themselves and full utilization of available
health services

Major Strategic Document

  • National Communication Strategy for MNCH 2012- 2016
  • National Health Communication Policy 2012
  • National Communication Strategy on ASRH 2012-2016
  • Document on Technical Contents of Public Health Programs (Planning for revision)

Outcome Indicators

  • % of increased in knowledge on key health issues among target audiences
  • % of increased in service utilization
  • % of people practicing key health behaviors to prevent diseases and for child and maternal survival
  • % of increase in funds for key health issues and communication program
  • % of people who used modern Contraceptive methods

Our Recent Achievements

  • Tobacco Product (Control and Regulatory) Directives 2014
  • Provision of 90% pictorial health warning
  • Got Bloomberg philanthropies award

National Level Strategies under process

  • National Multisectoral Strategic Plan for Tobacco Control –Draft Ready for discussion with the states and finalization. Thereafter proceed for approval and implementation.
  • Health Promotion Strategy 2018-2030 ( Draft under development )