National level in 2074/75

  • Development, production and distribution of IEC materials to stakeholders, regional medical stores, DHOs and DPHOs.
  • Development, production and broadcasting of health messages through radio, television, and newspapers (printed and electronic).
  • Golden 1000 days promotion communication campaign
    Communication programme on IMNCI, immunization, nutrition.
  • Mero barsha 2074 for health promotion, ma swasthya, mero desh swasthya promotion programme
  • Health promotion, reproductive and child health, free health, communicable and non communicable disease prevention related calendar, booklet etc printing and distribution
  • Broadcasting of health messages through radio and television in packages including jeevanchakra, janaswasthya radio, janaswasthya bahas, golden 1000 days communication campaign, mero barsa campaign.
  • Initiation of FCTC-2030 Strategic Plan project.
  • Pen-package promotion regarding the Control of non-communicable diseases.
  • Communication Programmes on sickle cell anaemia
  • Communication programme on communicable disease and epidemic prevention.
  • School and adolescent friendly service centre, safe motherhood, delay marriage and family planning related inter-personal, social mobilization and mass communication programme
  • Communication program for Health promotion activities on Life style, Free services, Ayurved, GBV
  • communication programme on risk factors of non communicable diseases through social mobilization, interpersonalcommunication, electronic and print media.

District and Below District Level in 2074/75

  • Running sanitation programmes for preventing and controlling epidemics.
  • Production of need-based IEC materials.
  • Distribution of IEC materials to health facilities.
  • Production and airing of health programmes and messages through local FM radio.
  • Publication of health messages in print media
  • Community interaction programmes for promoting health services.
  • Celebration of world health day and other health related occasions