The general objective of NHEICC is to promote health of the people by raising health awareness and preventing diseases through the efforts of the people themselves and full utilization of available health services.

The specific objectives of NHEICC are:

  • To assist the MOHP to formulate national acts, policies, strategies and guidelines related to health promotion and health communication
  • To regulate the marketing of alcohol and tobacco products as well as harmful health products in coordination with the relevant agencies
  • To strengthen, expand and implement health communication programmes and RCCE at all levels
  • To facilitate related stakeholders to make healthy settings like healthy palika, health promoting schools, health promoting workplaces, health promoting hospitals etc. with support and coordination of relevant agencies
  • To generate, collect and mobilize resources to implement health promotion and communication programmes
  • To develop and update IEC/ BCC materials in coordination with relevant stakeholders
  • To provide technical support for health promotion, education and material development at all levels
  • ‘To mobilize and use modern and traditional health education methods and media to increase health literacy and promote healthy behaviour among the general public
  • ‘To prevent the inappropriate and unauthorized dissemination and duplication of messages or information and IEC materials on different health related issues
  • To enhance capacity on health communication to develop, produce and disseminate quality messages and information