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By: G. Miguel, MD

Medical Instructor, Chicago Medical School of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

You are now in the home for $3 erectile dysfunction doctors in el paso tx buy erectafil overnight,710 ($6 erectile dysfunction 5x5 purchase erectafil 20 mg on line,500-$2 erectile dysfunction trials purchase 20mg erectafil with visa,790) and now it is only worth $6 erectile dysfunction vyvanse buy erectafil 20 mg with visa,000. You turn around and sell it again but now your potential profit is $2,290 and your return is not going to be near as good as projected. If you were able to buy and sell that home without a hitch in the prior example and actually generate a return of investment of 85. However, they like working with you and are willing to help offset your price of $3,000. Purchase Price Less: Spiff from Park Owner Less Down Payment Received Net Cash Invested Sale Price of Home Down Payment Amount of Note Interest Rate Term (in months) Monthly Payment Internal Rate of Return (Yield) $4,000. The park owner gets to keep a home in the park for only $500 and you are able to increase your return by having less capital in the actual purchase. There are some basic economic assumptions in the original mobile home investment model that have always held true and will continue to hold true as long as we can foresee the future. However, there are some basic economic assumptions in the original mobile home investment model that have always held true and will continue to hold true as long as we can foresee the future. It is essentially housing for people who are unemployed to earning minimum wage and up to about $15 per hour. Assuming an average total income of $24,000 per year for these individuals and families, and believing the U. And if you are not a higher wage earner, and you want detached housing, your only option is a mobile home set up in a mobile home park. As apartments become continually less desirable, and incomes become lower and more stagnant, there seems to be no end to the demand for affordable detached housing ­ and mobile home parks are the best solution to this problem. What the Customer Wants the average mobile home customer is looking for several simple attributes: First and foremost. A total monthly price, including lot rent, of about $495 per month (of course this will be higher in some areas but in about 80% of America this is a good number to work from). This is not a number pulled out of the air, but actually what they can afford based on normal underwriting guidelines. One large bedroom (master bedroom) A house that is free of any extreme aesthetic blemishes or smells. They want to be shown the house properly, be given a reasonable criminal and credit screening, and exchange their funds for the key. Many mobile home and mobile home park investors in the past have missed this simple request. They delight in bossing the customer around and making snap, often irrational, decisions on who is "worthy" of buying from them and who is not. This is not only in violation of Fair Housing, but is in violation of basic principles of business that make it work. Calculate the Lot Spread Delta of a mobile home park the "Lot Spread Delta" of a mobile home park is the difference between lot rent and $495 per month (note: the $495 may be different in some markets). For example, in a park in which the lot rent is $200 per month, the Lot Spread Delta is $295 per month. This is the amount that can go towards the home and remain in the total $495 per month target range for your customers. The higher the Lot Spread Delta, the better from the overall deal perspective for the mobile home investor. Determine the desirability of the mobile home park as a platform to sell from Not all mobile home parks are created equal. Some have great school districts; some are in terrible school districts that everyone avoids. Some have great-tasting water, and some are on wells with water quality so poor that the residents have to buy bottled water for everything but bathing. Calculate the maximum value you can assign to a home based on the Lot Spread Delta and a three to seven year amortization of the loan If the Lot Spread Delta of a desirable park is $250 per month, then the maximum price of a house you can sell in that park to reduce your risk and maximize your returns is going to be in the $16,500. On a seven year term at an interest rate of 10% the home payment would be about $245 per month.


  • If the person is breathing and lying on the back, and you do not think there is a spinal injury, carefully roll the person toward you onto the side. Bend the top leg so both hip and knee are at right angles. Gently tilt the head back to keep the airway open. If breathing or pulse stops at any time, roll the person on to his back and begin CPR.
  • Agitation
  • Decreased alertness
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day if you are not overweight, and for 60 - 90 minutes a day if you are overweight. Talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise plan, especially if you have been diagnosed with heart disease or you have ever had a heart attack.
  • You develop other symptoms of acute pancreatitis
  • The stoma opening may become too small or tight. This is called stomal stenosis.
  • Activated charcoal
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  • Heart infection (endocarditis)

Throughout the book erectile dysfunction medications cost erectafil 20mg otc, racism is portrayed as a kind of macro-agent with its own agenda erectile dysfunction pills gnc purchase erectafil, operating separately from white people impotence education erectafil 20 mg low price. This problem takes on added significance given that antiracism and ``sensitivity' training occur within the context of a corporate culture that continues to use racism and cultural chauvinism as an excuse to pay people of color far lower wages by undervaluing comparably challenging or even more difficult work erectile dysfunction causes drugs erectafil 20 mg without a prescription. Katz makes no reference to exploitation or the need for a redistribution of resources, and 212 Racialized Identities and Racist Subjects instead treats racism as a psychological pathology that can be solved through behavior modification. Although racism no doubt is debilitating for whites in a number of ways, unless we analyze who benefits from and promotes racism, both objectively and subjectively, we cannot see clearly what needs to be done to counter it. Despite these weaknesses, White Awareness offers procedures that can permit collective exploration of and critical reflection on white racial consciousness. And it helpfully acknowledges the likelihood of white emotional responses like anger, guilt, and resistance without seeing these as indicative of an insurmountable racism. Stage 3 of the process involves asking participants to reflect on what they fear might happen if they ``work on their racism' as she asks them to . She thus develops group processes and supportive environments in which such emotional responses can be aired, worked through, and transcended. Katz argues that ``it is not enough to deal with racism solely on a cognitive level. If participants are not touched personally-if their emotional base does not change at this point-they are unlikely to change their attitudes and behaviors' (93). I have at least anecdotal reports that the book has been used productively in contexts of political organizing to initiate an exploration and reflection by whites about the many subtle layers of racism and supremacist assumptions embedded in their interactions. A notable weakness of White Awareness is that it does not offer a transformative, substantive white identity. Katz argues persuasively against replacing generic whiteness with white ethnic identities on the grounds that this obscures the racialized organization of white supremacy, and thus she maintains the need to selfidentify as white. But whiteness figures in White Awareness only as an identity of unfair privilege based on white supremacy; unlike ethnic identities, it has no other substantive cultural content. Stage 5 of the training process is called ``Individual Racism: the Meaning of Whiteness,' and the first goal listed is to help participants ``explore their White culture and develop a sense of positive identification with their whiteness' (135). However, the workshops in this stage discuss only the luxuries and privileges associated with whiteness. Among the directions to the facilitator is the following: ``You should also help the group identify positive aspects of being White. All too often Whites deny their whiteness because they feel that being White is negative' (145). However, the book provides no help in determining what these positive aspects might be, and, given its context, readers must find it difficult to guess how Katz would substantively define whiteness except in terms of racism and unfair privilege. Let me end this section with another story that reveals the way in which identity issues are important here. They argued that Italian Americans suffered intense and ongoing discrimination in this country and that the celebration of Columbus Day was very important for raising community pride and instilling recognition of the important contributions Italians have made. I agreed with their depiction of the situation and the need for positive the Whiteness Question 213 cultural symbols but asked why Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and even Mario Cuomo could not be used instead of a man who encouraged the enslavement of Native Americans. If white identity is to be transformed, it does need more of a substantive reconstruction, including a revision of historical narratives and cultural focuses. The following two sections explore more recent attempts to transform whiteness, both of which take some issue with the liberal approach. Traitors to Whiteness One of the most radical positions on white antiracism that has emerged in recent years can be found in the journal Race Traitor: A Journal of the New Abolitionism. The journal has created a space where radical whites can share and spread ideas, get feedback and criticism from people of color, and help to educate themselves and their readers on the ``true' history of the Civil War and the neglected legacy of white resistance to racism. They can also develop their critical analyses of current social phenomena, such as the increasing incidence of cultural crossover by white youths. Journal editors Noel Ignatiev and John Garvey are anticapitalist, and they believe that we must be willing to take up arms. Their politics are probably best classified as libertarian anarchist, and it is other anarchist journals and ``zines' that seem most often to reprint or refer to Race Traitor. In an interesting way, they have put less effort into making allies among feminists or gay activists, perhaps because they do not view the struggles against sexism and homophobia as centrally connected to white supremacy.

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When high levels of drug intake were reached erectile dysfunction uk cheap 20 mg erectafil, the time of feeding was shifted from within the session to after the session erectile dysfunction drugs least side effects buy erectafil 20mg. In the absence of inducing conditions erectile dysfunction pills in malaysia discount erectafil 20mg with mastercard, rates of drugmaintained responding consistently exceeded rates of watermaintained responding erectile dysfunction miracle shake generic erectafil 20 mg online. The establishment of orally delivered drugs as reinforcers is one facet of a more general program to analyze drug-reinforced behavior. Variables affecting behavior maintained by drug drinking have just begun to be examined. Results obtained so far appear consistent with results of intravenous drug studies. It is now apparent that high rates of responding can be sustained in rhesus monkeys with drugs such as ethanol, pentobarbital, and phencyclidine. In experienced organisms the taste of drug solutions may function as both discriminative and conditioned reinforcing stimuli in maintaining extended sequences of drugreinforced behavior (Carroll and Meisch 1979a). Although there is a substantial delay between drinking a drug solution and onset of the effects that occur once the drug is absorbed, learning occurs in spite of the delay, for the drugs In taste-aversion conditioning come to serve as reinforcers. Both situations have in common the drinking of chemical solutions with subsequent onset of drug-produced interoceptive effects. In medicine, progress has been made in analyzing disease states by producing them in animals. Thus, when drugs function as reinforcers for animals, one has an experimental preparation that reproduces the most critical feature of human drug dependence; namely, that for drug-dependent humans a drug serves as a reinforcer. Since the oral route is a common mode of human drug abuse, it is desirable to have an animal oral self-administration preparation. As in other areas of medicine, experimental studies with a valid animal model should ultimately result in improved clinical treatment. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Committee on San Francisco, 1981 (in Problems of Drug Dependence, Inc. Behavioral Aspects" at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Abuse: American Psychological Association, Toronto, August 30, 1978. Effects of feeding conditions on drug-reinforced behavior: Maintenance at reduced body weights vs. In: of Drug Dependence, 1978: Proceedings of the Fortieth Annual Scientific Meeting. Establishment of orally delivered pentobarbital as a reinforcer for rhesus Reports from the Research Laboratories of the monkeys. Ethanol drinking by rhesus Psychopharmacology, monkeys as function of concentration. The function of schedule-induced polydipsia in establishing ethanol as a positive reinforcer. Ethanol drinking by rhesus monkeys: Experimental strategies for establishing ethanol as a reinforcer. Establishment of ethanol as a reinforcer for rhesus monkeys via the oral route: Initial results. Increased etonitazene-reinforced behavior due to food rats: Psychopharmacology, 63:97-98, 1979. Pentobarbital Establishment and maintenance of drinking by rhesus monkeys: J Pharmacol Exp Ther, pentobarbital-reinforced behavior. Psychiatry Research Unit Box 392 Mayo University of Minnesota 55455 209 Human Dependence on Tobacco and Opioids: Common Factors Jack E. Recent years have seen increasing acceptance of the notion that tobacco is an addictive or dependence-producing substance, parThis idea is supticularly as it is used in cigarette smoking. The term "drug dependence" suggests that (1) the drug serves as a reinforcer, (2) behavior occurs which is maintained by the opportunity to take the drug, and/or (3) other reinforcers are sacrificed as a consequence of taking the drug (Kalant et al. Many cigarette smokers in some degree satisfy these criteria for drug dependence (Russell 1976; Jaffe and Kanzler 1979). Since cigarette smoking has only recently been conceptualized as an instance of drug dependence, it should be useful to systematically compare cigarette smoking with another more thoroughly studied dependence process such as opioid dependence or narcotic addiction. At first blush, cigarette smoke and opioid drugs appear to produce large vastly differing pharmacological and behavioral effects: doses of opioids can produce a debilitating sedation that is not produced by heavy cigarette smoking.

Dances with Wolves also replays a ``going native' transformative narrative in which Europeans shed their enculturated erectile dysfunction doctor in jacksonville fl generic erectafil 20 mg line, deformed subjectivities to return to an original and moral nobility erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps pros cons buy generic erectafil, a narrative that values native culture primarily as an instrument for white enhancement erectile dysfunction treatment bangkok buy genuine erectafil online. This is not to deny that working-class and poor whites are treated badly by impotence or ed discount erectafil 20mg with visa, for example, police and the courts. I was involved in protesting a police brutality case in Atlanta in 1977 in which a white working-class Vietnam-era veteran, Benny McQurter, was murdered by police when put in a choke hold outside a bar. McQurter lived in the poorest white section of Atlanta, the kind of neighborhood where people sliced up hotdogs lengthwise to serve as their breakfast meat. Whenever I went to student demonstrations in those days in which the majority of the participants were white, the police would come, take pictures, handle their billy clubs for our observations, and stand back. When I went to student demonstrations-peaceful, legal demonstrations, by the way-in which the majority of the participants were African American, the police not only came, they charged. I witnessed young students beaten about their heads and genital areas with clubs for doing nothing more than peacefully picketing against racism. As this book goes to press, the playing of ``Dixie' at sports events is being challenged and may soon end at the University of Mississippi. Jorge Gracia, Pablo DeGreiff, Eduardo Mendieta, Paula Moya, Susan SanchezCasal and Angelo Corlett gave me substantive help with the arguments of this chapter, for which I am extremely grateful. I refused to accept a five-year full scholarship to graduate school at the University of Michigan, a scholarship that I had not applied for but that the (white Anglo) graduate director in the philosophy department applied for on my behalf and then urged me to accept. It is impossible to avoid all such paradoxes while maintaining clarity about which groups one is trying to pick out. All I can hope to have done is to problematize all such categories, and increase our self-reflectiveness about them. And it is no less true for theories of Latino identity that the differences of racializing practices must receive serious attention. On another point, I realize that it is odd to launch an argument about an Anglo/Latino divide using the example of Brazil, but in this context, the division between Anglophone ``developed' North America and non-Anglophone ``developing' Latin America (thus including Brazil as well as others) is the key conflict. For example, it is sometimes assumed that the possibility of self-determination is hopelessly compromised if a group or person has genealogical or other such ties to an outside group, especially the outside group from which one wants to be autonomous. It is this logic that sometimes polices any feminist or anti-heterosexist sentiments within nationalist movements on the grounds that feminism and gay liberation originate outside this culture. Solidarity across gender or sexual lines does not threaten a movement for self-determination unless one presumes the necessity of political purity and community homogeneity. The use of terms such as ``antiblack racism,' used for example by Gordon (1995), helpfully specifies the kind of racism one is discussing and leaves open the possibility that there are other forms of racism. On the most extreme definition, only those peoples indigenous to North America would not count as immigrant, which would cover American Indians and some Latinos. Thus Asian American and Latino families who have lived in the United States for multiple generations are no more ``immigrant' than the German American and Anglo-American families here. This surely explains the jockeying for position among the Democrats and Republicans for African American and Latino voters, respectively. If those groups unite with opposing sectors of the white majority, white majority rule is ensured. It is also distinguished from ``indigenism,' or the view that only those peoples indigenous to a land have moral rights to its occupation. Recent work that refutes the myth that Latin America is nonracist because it is promestizo includes Wade 1993 and Appelbaum et al. Latinos in the Florida of the 1950s were generally classified as ``almost white' or as ``black' depending on their color. But most lived in Miami and Tampa, which were even then cosmopolitan cities very different from the Deep South cities in northern Florida and other southern states. Today, the many dark-skinned Latinos who have moved to southern Florida are ostracized not only by white Anglos but by African Americans as well for their use of Spanish. Anglos of all colors ridicule the sound of the language, share jokes about uncomprehending sales clerks, and commiserate across their own racial and ethnic differences about the ``difficulties' of living in a bilingual city. The experience of Latinos in the United States makes it very clear that so-called racial features never operate alone to determine identity but are always mediated by language, culture, nationality, and sometimes religion. Although in the United States, the internal rule of hypodescent (where an offspring of a mixed union is identified with the lower status parent), has made most African American communities open and accepting of difference.

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