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By: O. Mamuk, M.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, University of California, Davis School of Medicine

For the Latino population metabolic disorder mcad cheap losartan line, ethnicity alone blood sugar of 40 order 50 mg losartan fast delivery, regardless of economics or geography diabetes diet while pregnant buy 50mg losartan with amex, seemed to limit technology use diabetes type 1 low generic 25mg losartan mastercard. Liff and Shepard (2004) found that women, who are accessing technology shaped primarily by male users, feel less confident in their Internet skills and have less Internet access at both work and home. Finally, Guillen and Suarez (2005) found that the global digital divide resulted from both the economic and sociopolitical characteristics of countries. Smith also reports that "roughly one in five cell owners say that their phone has made it at least somewhat harder to forget about work at home or on the weekends; to give people their undivided attention; or to focus on a single task without being distracted" (Smith 2012). A new survey from the Pew Research Center reported that 73 percent of adults engage in some sort of social networking online. Facebook was the most popular platform, and both Facebook users and Instagram users check their sites on a daily basis. Over a third of users check their sites more than once a day (Duggan and Smith 2013). With so many people using social media both in the United States and abroad, it is no surprise that social media is a powerful force for social change. You will read more about the fight for democracy in the Middle East embodied in the Arab Spring in Chapters 17 and 21, but spreading democracy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using social media to incite change. For example, McKenna Pope, a thirteen-year-old girl, used the Internet to successfully petition Hasbro to fight gender stereotypes by creating a gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven instead of using only the traditional pink color (Kumar 2014). State Department grant to create an epetition platform so citizens could submit ideas directly to the Latvian government. If at least 20 percent of the Latvian population (roughly 407,200 people) supports a petition, the government will look at it (Kumar 2014). Online Privacy and Security As we increase our footprints on the web by going online more often to connect socially, share material, conduct business, and store information, we also increase our vulnerability to those with criminal intent. The Pew Research Center recently published a report that indicated the number of Internet users who express concern over the extent of personal information about them available online jumped 17 percent between 2009 and 2013. In that same survey, 12 percent of respondents indicated they had been harassed online, and 11 percent indicated that personal information, such as their Social Security number, had been stolen (Rainie, Kiesler, Kang, and Madden 2013). For example, in late August 2014, hackers breached the iCloud data storage site and promptly leaked wave after wave of nude photos from the private accounts of actors such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst (Lewis 2014). While largescale data breaches that affect corporations and celebrities are more likely to make the news, individuals may put their personal information at risk simply by clicking a suspect link in an official sounding e-mail. Numerous facts sheets available through the government, nonprofits, and the private sector outline common safety measures, including the following: become familiar with privacy rights; read privacy policies when making a purchase (rather than simply clicking "accept"); give out only the minimum information requested by any source; ask why information is being collected, how it is going to be used, and who will have access it; and monitor your credit history for red flags that indicate your identity has been compromised. Net Neutrality the issue of net neutrality, the principle that all Internet data should be treated equally by Internet service providers, is part of the national debate about Internet access and the digital divide. On one side of this debate is the belief that those who provide Internet service, like those who provide electricity and water, should be treated as common carriers, legally prohibited from discriminating based on the customer or nature of the goods. Supporters of net neutrality suggest that without such legal protections, the Internet could be divided into "fast" and "slow" lanes. A conflict perspective theorist might suggest that this discrimination would allow bigger corporations, such as Amazon, to pay Internet providers a premium for faster service, which could lead to gaining an advantage that would drive small, local competitors out of business. A functional perspective theorist might point out that, without profits, companies would not invest in making improvements to their Internet service or expanding those services to underserved areas. The final decision rests with the Federal Communications Commission and the federal government, which must decide how to fairly regulate broadband providers without dividing the Internet into haves and have-nots. Media is a term that refers to all print, digital, and electronic means of communication. From the time the printing press was created (and even before), technology has influenced how and where information is shared. Today, it is impossible to discuss media and the ways societies communicate without addressing the fast-moving pace of technology change. Now, you might join an online community of parents-to-be even before you announce your pregnancy via a staged Instagram picture.

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The client with a pulse oximeter reading greater than 93% is receiving adequate oxygenation diabetes itching purchase losartan canada. The test taker should apply the nursing process: If the client is in distress then do not assess; the nurse should do something to help the client diabetic health buy online losartan. The prone position helps promote hyperextension of the hip joints managing gestational diabetes without insulin 50 mg losartan amex, which is essential for normal gait and helps prevent knee and hip flexion contractures diabetic diet delivery generic losartan 50mg free shipping, and done in rehabilitation. The client should be pulled up in bed by placing the arm underneath the back or using a lift sheet; therefore, the nurse would not need to intervene. The client should be encouraged and praised for attempting to perform any activities independently, such as combing hair, brushing teeth, or feeding him- or herself. The nurse should talk to the primary nurse, but the sharps container should be changed immediately. The less experienced nurse could care for the client on a ventilator and console the family as needed. This client is not in a life-threatening situation and is stable for the condition. A client with increased intracranial pressure requires a more experienced critical care nurse. Status epilepticus is a state of continuous seizure activity and is the most serious complication of epilepsy. Complications of immobility are pertinent but do not take priority over the airway. This should be done within 4 hours of the stick, but the charge nurse should be notified first so that proper hospital protocol can be initiated. A physical therapist addresses transfer and movement issues with the client, but this would not be priority in the critical care unit. The social worker assists the client with discharge issues or financial issues, but this would not be appropriate for the client in the critical care unit. This should be done but not prior to notifying the charge nurse and reporting the incident. If the symptom is expected for the disease process and it is not life threatening, then that client does not have priority. This medication should always be administered on time to prevent loss of muscle tone, especially the muscles of the upper respiratory tract. An oral antibiotic can be administered within 30 minutes before or after the scheduled time frame. If the expected response prevents or treats an emergency situation, then that medication becomes the priority medication to administer. If the furniture is left in its usual position, the client will be less likely to fall or stumble. However, the priority intervention is safety when walking; therefore, increasing light in the home is priority. Cataracts cause opacity of the lens of the eye, and safety is a high priority according to Maslow. The client in end-stage disease may have an increased risk for constipation, but this is not priority over safety of the client.

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The client with a histrionic personality has excessive emotionality and seeks attention diabetes treatment regimen buy generic losartan 50mg. Her saying "something important" must be understood within this context and would not warrant calling this client first diabetes type 1 bedtime snacks cheap losartan 25mg online. The nurse should contact this client first because the client realizes the voices are telling him to hurt his mother diabetes type 1 medscape cheap losartan 50 mg line. The nurse should inform this client to come to the clinic immediately diabetes 5k buy losartan uk, and he should be admitted to a psychiatric unit. Because the wife called the clinic, the client is being watched and should be safe from killing himself. The nurse should call this client immediately but not before a client who made the phone call himself and who may be alone and hearing voices. The nurse should expect the client who is manic not to be sleeping; therefore, this is expected behavior. The nurse should call this client immediately but not before the client who is hearing voices telling him to hurt his mother. The nurse should discuss how the visit went, but it is not the first intervention. The nurse should make sure the client took his medications during the weekend pass, but it is not the first intervention. The client should discuss how the visit went, but it is not the first intervention. Oppositional defiant disorder consists of a pattern of uncooperative, defiant, and hostile behavior toward authority figures. Refusal to talk and/or make eye contact is a sign of autism, the best known of the pervasive developmental disorders; therefore, this client would not require immediate intervention by the nurse. The child with conduct disorder is aggressive to people and animals, bullies and threatens others, destroys property, and sets fires. Eating dirt and sand is pica, or the ingestion of non-nutritive substances such as paint, hair, cloth, leaves, sand, clay, or soil. The nurse must obtain this order first after placing the client in the seclusion room. The charge nurse should make sure the other clients are not injured, but the first intervention is to put the client who is acting out into seclusion, safely and legally. The client who is depressed would be expected to look dejected; therefore, the nurse would not need to assess this client first. This client who says he wants to go to heaven to be with his wife may be suicidal and should be assessed first to see whether he has a plan. This client needs to be assessed for anorexia but not before a client who may be suicidal. The client with agoraphobia is afraid to leave the house; therefore, canceling a clinic appointment would be expected of this client. The client with a somatoform disorder has physical symptoms without a physiological cause; therefore, complaining of numbness in the legs is expected behavior. The client with hypochondriasis is preoccupied with the fear that one has or will get a serious disease; fearing breast cancer is then expected behavior. Post-traumatic stress disorder is an illness that occurs to someone who has experienced a traumatic event. The nurse needs to remove the man from the room so that the nurse can talk to the client and discuss probable abuse. Taking the client to the x-ray department may not arouse suspicion in the man and may allow the client to discuss the situation. This action may cause the man to get angrier in the emergency department, or it may cause more problems for the woman if she goes home with him. This could cause further anger in the man, especially if the woman goes home with the man.

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The serum creatinine level is within normal limits; therefore blood glucose 2 hours after eating generic losartan 50mg online, this client does not warrant immediate intervention diabetes signs for dogs purchase losartan 50mg line. Platelets show marked increase 3 to 5 days after birth diabetes mellitus facts buy discount losartan 25 mg, but the client who is 1 to 2 days postpartum would have a slightly increased platelet count blood glucose meters proven losartan 50 mg. This glucose level is elevated, and the nurse should investigate further as to why the glucose level is abnormal. The client with severe lower abdominal cramping should be called to determine whether she is currently menstruating, but this is not priority over a pregnant client with symptoms of preeclampsia. This client should be contacted first and told to come into the clinic for further evaluation. The expulsion of dark-red blood clots indicates the client is going through menopause. This is not a life-threatening situation because darkred blood does not indicate frank bleeding. This is uncomfortable for the client and indicates the need for a hysterectomy or instructions in the insertion and use of a pessary device to hold the uterus in place, but it is not life threatening. After eliminating the expected options, the test taker should determine which situation is more life threatening. The client with type 1 diabetes must receive insulin prior to eating; therefore, this must be administered first. The stool softener will take several days to soften the stool; therefore, this medication does not need to be administered first. The client with a headache is not priority over a type 1 diabetic patient who needs sliding scale coverage. This client should receive medication after the insulin-dependent diabetic receives insulin. The rectal suppository is administered to shrink the hemorrhoids and has a local anesthetic effect, but it would not be priority over the sliding scale insulin. Placing the client in the Trendelenburg position will cause the fetus to reverse back into the uterus, which will take the pressure off the umbilical cord. In emergency situations, the nurse may need to request visitors to leave the delivery room, depending on how visitors are acting during the crisis, but this is not the first intervention. The newborn who weighs 6 pounds and 2 ounces is within normal weight for a newborn; therefore, the nurse would not need to assess this baby first. The newborn who is 22 inches long is longer than most infants, but this infant would not need to be assessed first. This client needs to urinate since the number one reason for a displaced fundus is a full bladder. Since a medical nurse may not know how to palpate a fundus, this client should be assigned to a more experienced nurse. This client may be hemorrhaging and should be assigned to a more experienced nurse. This client is still at risk for a seizure but a medical nurse should be able to care for a client who has a seizure. A Biophysical Profile is used to determine if the fetus is ready to make the trip down the vaginal canal. Two points are given to fetal breathing movements, gross body movements, fetal tone (flexion), amniotic fluid volume, and reactive (or not) non-stress test, with a score of 10 being the best. This client is ready to deliver the fetus; therefore, the most experienced nurse would not need to be assigned to this client. This client is postmature and the fetus is at risk for meconium; therefore, this client should be assigned to the most experienced nurse. The client should be in the fetal position but the possibility of anesthesia ascending the spinal cord is priority. If the anesthesia ascends the spinal cord the client will quit breathing; therefore, this is the priority intervention.

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