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By: E. Finley, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

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Additionally impotence forums buy nizagara 25 mg low price, the Desoto mission was expanded to include a broader collection of 'all-source intelligence erectile dysfunction urethral medication purchase 100mg nizagara visa," namely erectile dysfunction radiation treatment order nizagara 50 mg visa, photographic erectile dysfunction medication canada purchase cheap nizagara line, hydrographic, and meteorological information. They were managed under separate offices and were not known to coordinate mission planning, except for warnings to the Desoto patrol to stay clear of 34A operational areas. But Westmoreland assured the navy commanders that as long as the Desoto patrol stayed v. July, the North Vietnamese were reacting aggressively to these raids, pursuing and attacking the seaborne commando units. It was uncertain to the Americans what the Vietnamese oreciselv knew of the Craia or its mission. Hettick (left), the on-site tcisk force commqndet, qnd Commqndet Herbert Ogier, commqnding officer of the M4ddox commandos, along with the proximity of the Maddox, that would set off the confrontation. But the planners felt that these attacks could be attributable to the South Vietnamese. The plan did suggest that the communists would choose to continue to support the southern front, and it left open the possibility of further operations to offset the anticipated Chinese aid. The American involvement, though extensive in the planning, training, and logistics portions, was minimized to achieve the usual "nonattribution" status in case the raids were publicized by the North. It began with harassment attacks and operations, whose cumulative effect, though labeled "unspectacular," was to make Hanoi aware of them to the extent it would allocate forces to counter them. Until a better plan, such as 37-64, could be implemented, then doing "something," even as ineffective as the raids, was the course Washington chose to follow. Communications about small boat actions, commando landings, and high-speed chases out at sea were intercepted and reported back to Washington. What the reports showed was a North Vietnamese navy emboldened to more aggressive reactions to incursions by the commandos from the south. Whether or not the Vietnamese believed that the Americans were preparing for a larger war was not important. Codenamed Kit Kat, the effort required that the then current ceiling of 660 cryptologic personnel in South Vietnam had to be raised. It would be the intercept and reporting by the Marine unit at Phu Bai and the navy site in the Philippines which would prove critical to the events in the Gulf of Tonkin. A few of these would be cited in the various after-action analyses and postmortems that attended the Gulf of Tonkin. However, many more field translations and reports based on the intercept during the period of the incidents would be issued as late as two to four days after the crisis. Rather than try to retell the story all at once and incorporate the new evidence into the narrative, which could be overwhelming, especially to those readers not intimately familiar with the events of 2 to 4 August, a different tack will be used. First, we vill review the details of the known engagement of the afternoon of 2 August. While there is no controversy surrounding this fight - at least there is no question that it occurred - there is an important point to draw from it: that is, the North Vietnamese communications profile during a naval combat engagement was revealed. For ease of reference, we shall refer to this communications profile as the "command and control communications and intelligence" system or C3I. This is a functional description used widely in the intelligence and defense communities to describe the process whereby the individual elements of intelligence (information/intelligence), command and control (interaction by command authorities), and communications (communications links among all operating elements and units) are combined in military operations. In this section, the entire scenario of what was reported and, more importantly, what was not reported, will be considered. In this approach we vvill consider how the product was developed and the serious problems in translation, composition, and reporting of the information. For purposes of clarity, all time references will be marked either Zulu time ("Z," or Greem0ch Mean Time) or Golf ("G," or Zulu +7), which is the time zone for the Gulf of Tonkin. The use of Zulu time allows for a consistent and universal benchmark for analysts and recipients of the intelligence. Navy used Hotel time (Zulu +8) in all of its messages, which is carried over into its history of the Vietnam War. For example, if something happened at 1500 hours Zulu, it is reflected as 2200 hours Golf, 2300 hours Hotel and 1100 hours Romeo of the same day. However, a two-hour advance in Zulu time, that is, 1700 hours on 4 August, means 0000 hours Golf and 0100 hours Hotel time on 5 August, while Washington will be 1100 hours on 4 August. For ease of reference, the reader can observe that there is a eleven-hour difference between Washington and the Gulf of Tonkin. At the time, between 0700G to 0730G (0030Z), the Maddox was located nine miles southeast of Hon Me Island moving northeasterly.


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The operators at these sites would see the displays in a sanitized geographic plot erectile dysfunction treatment in bangalore purchase 100mg nizagara overnight delivery. Sample intercept tapes from the Hammock system were sent to Fort Meade to test against the Ironhorse equipment insulin pump erectile dysfunction order cheap nizagara line. In July 1967 erectile dysfunction doctor in atlanta buy 50 mg nizagara with visa, a communist rocket attack on the air base had seriously damaged the building designated for the Ironhorse complex erectile dysfunction after zoloft buy nizagara canada. So, personnel from the 6924th Security Squadron had to utilize H-1 vans configured for Ironhorse. Three more vans were customized to house the computers and communications equipment. Modifications continued to be made to the system as it was being put through its routines. An enhanced voice intercept position was installed to accommodate the growing use of voice communications by the North Vietnamese air surveillance system. Even in its test phase, the goal of faster data transfer had been met and exceeded. The time dropped from a range of a low of thirty seconds and a high of two minutes to a low of eight seconds and a high of one minute. This is because about the time the system became operational, the United States was dramatically reducing the scope of the bombing campaign. On 31 March 1968, President Johnson announced the cessation of bombing north of the nineteenth parallel. Intercept coverage was transferred to Air Force positions at field sites in the Philippines and Thailand. Ironhorse operations at Danang were not restored until July of 1969, but problems with its communications and software continued to plague the system until April 1970. In April 1971, the Danang mission closed down, and its vans were shipped to Fort Meade. The Chinese forces stationed in North Vietnam never included any ground combat or air force units. Interestingly, the Chinese took few security precautions and operated openly, aware that U. Some scholars have suggested that by this rather open presence, the Chinese were sending Washington a warning of their intention to support the Vietnamese. Some Vietnamese pilots were also heard using Russian terms, while others appeared to be bilingual. Chinese pilots stayed on at Phuc Yen as instructors from late 1964 into early 1965. During this time, North Vietnamese pilots practiced a variety of maneuvers to develop proficiency in take-off and landings, climb exercises, cloud piercing, and some occasional aerial intercept. By December 1964, another set of MiGs arrived from China to bring the total to fiftythree. This heavy training may have been in response to the MiG losses incurred in the previous weeks in dogfights with American pilots. However, there was no direct combat application of this training until February 1966. In fact, the Soviet pilots were responsible for test flying each MiG as it was reassembled at the Vietnamese base at Phuc Yen. Usually, the aircraft would operate in the Phuc Yen area under close supervision of a Soviet controller. By early 1966, the Vietnamese pilots were practicing special tactics for attacking U. There is a suggestion that Soviet pilots may have flown air cover missions over Phuc Yen Airfield. Eventually, this first contingent would grow to thirty-four MiG-17-qualified pilots. The Koreans took over defensive responsibility for the base, which had been attacked repeatedly by American aircraft during the month.

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A-16 with some alteration of ccinsciousness erectile dysfunction due to old age discount nizagara generic, abnormal motor behavior; psychic or sensory disturbances; may be preceded by aura erectile dysfunction doctors in cleveland cheap nizagara 50 mg otc. A-17 394 F facemask: A device used for the administration of giises particularly oxygen wellbutrin erectile dysfunction treatment order nizagara cheap, or for the redirection of room air; as in the esophageal obturator airway erectile dysfunction medication cheapest generic nizagara uk. Located approximately two fingei- breadths inferior to the midpoint of a line between the anterior superior iliac spine and the pubic symphysis. Comminuted fracture: A fracture in which the bone is shattered, broken into small pieces. G-suit: An inflatable coverall suit that can be used to exert general body compression; used by pilots. H habituation: A situation in which a patient produces a tolerance to a drug and becomes psychologically dependent on the drug. Wet-tonic: A solution having an osmotic pressure greater than a solution to which it is being compared (usually the intracellular fluid, or plasma). A-22 399 - hypovolemic shock: Shock caused by a reduction in blood volume, such as caused by hemorrhage. A turning inward; inside out, or upside down or other reversal of the normal relation of a part. L labia: the lips; the folds of skirt and mucous membranes that comprise the vulva. Magill forceps: An instrument, similar to scissors, but without sharp points or blades; to remove foreign objects in the upper airway, must be used with a litter: Stretcher. SickneSt: A sensation induced by repetitive motion, characterized by nausea and lightheadedwhen used to deSignate gas tensions in the blood. A-32 409 paranoia: A mental disorder characterized by abnormal suspicions or other delusions, often of persecution or grandeur. Sedative: A drug that depresses the activity of the sacrum: the part of the lower spine made up of the five fused sacral vertebrae; Saddle joint: A joint formed where a portion of one bone hangs over anothe-, as in the thumb. Striae: Any one of the faculties by which the condi= tions or properties of things are perceived. T wave; often elevated, reflecting current of injury in that part of the heart,scanned by the particular lead; or, depressed, reflecting ischemia of the same area. Spasm: A sudden; violent; involuntary contraction of a muscle, or group of muscles, attended by pain and interference with function; a sudden but transitory constriction of a passage, canal, or Orifice. Sterilize: To render sterile or free from bacterial contamination; to make an organism unable to repro-. Sternum: the long; flat bone located in the midline in the anterior part of the thoracic cage; articulates above with the clavicles and along the sides with the cartilages of the first seven ribs. Straddle load: A method for placing a patient on a long spineboard by straddling both board and pa= tient and sliding the patient on the board. A rapid regular tachy= cardia with,the ectopic pacemaker originating above the ventricles: surgery: the branch o medicine that deals with trauma and diseases hat requires operative intervention. A direct; dedicated telephone circuit that connects two or more points for instant communications without dialing. T tablet: A small disc that has been molded or comressed fro per mina tachycard: Abnormally rapid heart rate, over 100 beats er minute. V Vagina: the canal in the female extending from the uterus to the vulva; the birth canal: vagus: the 10th cranial,nerve; chief mediator of the parasympathetic system. Venturi mask: A brand of breathing unit that has a graduated valve for setting a specific cotrentration of oxygen delivered through the mask. Volume expander: the intravenous fluid that stays in the vascular space, usually a colloid; but can be an isotonic fluid with electrolytes.


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