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By: G. Zapotek, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine

University or college students erectile dysfunction generics 20 mg tadora, especially first-year students erectile dysfunction tampa buy cheap tadora 20 mg on line, are observed to be particularly prone to stress (Towbes & Cohen zyrtec causes erectile dysfunction purchase tadora 20 mg fast delivery, 1996; Pancer et al erectile dysfunction bp meds 20 mg tadora amex. High level of social support predicts better adjustment to university (Cutrona et. There was study show that the stress from reconstructing personal relations in a new environment during the transition stage will lead to mental and physical disorders. With the increase of the demand for academic performance and the need to establish new social relations (Tao et. Generally, most students in tertiary education are highly stressed (Hamill, 1995; Thyer and Bazeley, 1993). Studies by Mental Health America states that at colleges nationwide, there is a large number of college students feeling overwhelmed, sad, hopeless and so depressed that they are unable to function. Daughtry and Kunkel (1993) found 20 percent of undergraduate students undergo depression in their undergraduate education. Several studies found that stress is negatively correlated with self esteem (Kaplan and Saddock, 2000; Bressler & Bressler, 2007). Harper and Marshall (1991) claimed that high self esteem helps a person in handling his/her behavioral problems and interpersonal relationships. The finding which stated that entering university may bring stress to the students (Gall et al. Thus, the main objective of this research is to investigate stress and self esteem of undergraduate students in a local university. This study also aimed to identify the difference of stress and self esteem levels between male students and female students. Besides, this research used cross-sectional design with undergraduate students from each year and each faculty taken as the sample. Distribution of Respondents by Degree Programme Degree Programme/Faculty Agriculture Educational Studies Food Science and Technology Medicine and Health Sciences Veterinary Medicine Computer Science and Information Technology Design and Architecture Economics and Management Engineering Modern Language and Communication Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences Environmental Studies Forestry Human Ecology Science Total Gender Male Female 12 4 11 10 11 6 13 10 12 11 10 6 10 11 7 151 14 22 15 16 15 19 12 15 13 14 15 18 14 13 17 225 26 26 26 26 26 25 25 25 25 25 25 24 24 24 24 376 Data was collected through questionnaires. Basically, the items assess students from four aspects: academic, intrapersonal, interpersonal and environmental. A pilot study was done on a sample of 30 undergraduates and the instrument was modified to increase its reliability for this study with Cronbach Alpha of 0. The total score for the modified instrument was 2707 with total scores of 968 for academic stress, 516 for interpersonal stress, 1209 for intrapersonal stress and 134 for environmental stress. The instrument consisted of ten four-point Likert scale items, from strongly agree (three points) to strongly disagree (no point). High scores indicate the possession of high self esteem while low scores indicate the possession of low self esteem. Findings and Discussion that the students were moderate levels of academic stress and low levels of interpersonal, intrapersonal and environmental stress. All students reported of experiencing academic stress when a new semester started and during registration. When a new semester starts, students need to register the courses they are going to take for that particular semester. Thus students often face difficulties in selecting the courses that are related to their majors and the time of the classes should not clash with each other. Students need to plan their class schedules and free time (Nist-Olejnik, & HolsChuh, 2007) within the registration period. In addition, most students reported experiencing academic stress when they have to face two exams in a day. Sitting for examinations is a source of stress for students (Fan & Wang, 2001; Li & Lin, 2003). Hence sitting for two exams within a day means higher levels of stress because the students have to prepare for two different subjects within a limited period of time as well as experiencing pre-examination stress, twice. The mean stress score of the undergraduate students fell in the level of moderate levels of stress. It was also found that students were facing moderate levels of academic stress (M=472. The finding from this present study indicated that overall, the undergraduate students were moderately vulnerable to stress. This finding is in line with some past studies (Abouserie, 1994; Pierceall, 2007) which stated that university and college students are experiencing moderate levels of stress.

The calculated apparent bioavailability of free erectile dysfunction questions tadora 20 mg cheap, unchanged quercetin after intake of 50 mg quercetin/kg bw was 0 erectile dysfunction drugs walgreens discount 20mg tadora. This example 6 highlights the importance of the formulation used in the clinical setting for estimating the absorption and bioavailability of quercetin erectile dysfunction doctors rochester ny generic tadora 20 mg overnight delivery. In animal models erectile dysfunction remedies pump cheap tadora 20mg online, quercetin was shown to be metabolized to three main metabolites, 3,4dihydroxyphenylacetic 3-methoxy-4-hydroxy- acid, phenylacetic (homovanillic acid), and mhydroxyphenyl acetic acid, all of which have been detected in the urine following oral administration of quercetin to rabbits and rats (Booth et al. These metabolites are thought to be formed in the liver after fissure of the heterocylic pyrone ring. The effect of quercetin on the absorption and disposition of digoxin was studied in pigs, which were orally administered a single dose of digoxin (0. The coadministration of 50 mg/kg quercetin unexpectedly resulted in sudden death of two out of three pigs within 30 min after digoxin administration. Summary of nonclinical pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetics: Quercetin is a naturally occurring flavonol with poor oral absorption and distribution when administered to animals. Efforts have been made to improve its bioavailability when used in clinical settings. Once absorbed, quercetin is quickly metabolized and is rapidly excreted via the urine and feces. No toxicities were reported in rabbits that were administered a single intravenous dose of quercetin at 100-150 mg/kg bw (Ambrose et al. Repeat dose toxicity7 6 Acute toxicity refers to adverse effects observed following administration of a single dose of a substance, or multiple doses given within a short period (approximately 24 hours). In the rat (n=15/sex), oral administration of quercetin in the diet at a concentration of 0. Clinical signs included decreases in body weight gain among animals (both males and females) given 40,000 ppm quercetin compared to controls. The decrease in body weight gain was not accompanied by a decrease in food consumption. Among mid- and high-dose treated animals, a yellowish coloration of the hair coat, especially in the perineal area, was present, presumably due to the urinary and/or fecal excretion of quercetin and/or its metabolites, which have a yellow color. Toxicity findings associated with dietary administration of quercetin for 2 years were mainly seen in the kidney of male rats where dose-related mild increases in the severity of chronic nephropathy (control, 2. Parathyroid hyperplasia, indicative of renal secondary hyperparathyroidism, also increased in incidence among male rats (1/43, 6/45, 6/43,17/43) (National Toxicology Program 1992). Findings included a significantly greater increase in relative kidney and liver weights of male and female rats treated with the highest dose (40,000 ppm) relative to the control groups. For high dose treated females, these differences were linked to the reduced body weights observed in this group. No biologically significant changes in hematology or clinical chemistry parameters were observed. The only abnormality noted in the urinalyses was the presence of calcium oxalate crystals in 7/ 10 high-dose treated males at 15 months without histopathological correlates. Genotoxicity8 Quercetin has been studied extensively to evaluate its ability to induce mutations and chromosomal damage. Available data seem to point to conflicting conclusions between the in vitro and in vivo data. In vitro studies generally tended to show a positive signal for mutagenesis, whereas in vivo studies were mostly negative. A mutagenic signal was also obtained in other in vitro 8 the genotoxicity assessment battery usually consists of a gene mutagenicity assay (for single dose trials) and a variety of clastogenicity/genotoxicity assays. Paradoxically, quercetin exhibits a protective effect from oxidative damage in vitro as was shown in a caco-2 cell line, human peripheral blood lymphocytes and murine leukemia cells (Okamoto 2005). In the micronucleus assay, an in vivo assay, quercetin used up to a maximum dose of 1,000 mg/kg did not induce micronuclei in bone marrow erythrocytes of mice exposed either by intraperitoneal injection or by oral gavage (Aeschbacher et al. This could be explained by the observation that in vivo the absorption and bioavailability of quercetin are limited. Another theory that has been proposed is that quercetin can produce hydroxyl radicals which induce strand breakage in vitro and can give rise to oxygen radicals which contribute to the formation of chromosomal aberrations (Okamoto 2005). The free radicals produced by quercetin are probably repaired by anti-oxidative mechanisms available in vivo.

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This will minimize the issue of scare resources to be concentrated on high impact societal projects that benefits the society for sustainability age related erectile dysfunction causes order 20 mg tadora overnight delivery. This can take the forms of building a community center impotence at 19 order tadora us, temple building erectile dysfunction causes tiredness purchase tadora 20 mg mastercard, needed water resources facilities erectile dysfunction 55 years old buy genuine tadora on-line, etc. Such ventures could be like a drug rehabilitation center, child care center, center for abused people, etc, etc. The better they are ingrained with social conscientiousness, and equipped with high moral towards societal competencies and skills, these future leaders and social citizens can make a great impact on society for the development and betterment of society and its future. Social entrepreneurship and societal transformation: an exploratory study, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 40(3): 260-282, Austin, J. Cannon, Carl (2000), Charity for profit: how the new social entrepreneurs are creating good by sharing wealth, National Journal, June 16: 1898-1904. Developed with support from the Kauffman Foundation, downloaded on 20 March 2013. Pathways to social impact: Strategies for scaling out successful social innovations. Accelerating adaptive processes: product innovation in the global computer industry. Ethos, Instituto de Empresas e Responsabilidada Social (2007), Indicadores Ethos de responsibiladade social ­ Versao 2007. Henton, Douglas, John Melville & Kimberly Walesh (1997), Grassroots Leaders for a New Economy. How Civic Entrepreneurs Are Building Prosperous Communities, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Searching for social entrepreneurs: Who they might be, where they might be found, what they do. Social entrepreneurship research: A source of explanation, prediction and delight. The promise of entrepreneurship as a field of research, Academy of Management Review, 25 (1): 217-26. Resource cooptation via social contracting: Resource acquisition strategies for new ventures. A typology of social entrepreneurs: Motives, search processes and ethical challenges. The availability of entrepreneurship program is suspected to become one of strategic dimensions for higher educational institution beside its reputation and services in maintaining current students and attracting new students. Structured questionnaire was undertaken to measure the strategic dimensions and spread throughout 300 undergraduate students who got entrepreneurship subject in their curriculum. Several higher educational institutions have been selected as the samples of this research, including Bakrie University, University of Indonesia, and Bogor Agricultural Institution. The questionnaires were obtained from 200 face-to-face respondents and 100 respondents through social media. The finding of this research was that 24 state and private higher educational institutions in Greater Jakarta with good reputation and staffing, the availability of entrepreneurship program, and services including physical facility have high level of satisfaction. K, and Japan recognized that the evolution of the economy based on education development (Ministry of Trade, 1998; Zaragoza, 2003; Statscan, 2004). Nasser (2008) stated that one of the factors that affected the level of student satisfaction was the availability of resources and faculties that were able to maintain good personal relationships with their students. Subsequently, the education industry was expected to have a differentiator in order to produce graduates that could be absorbed by business environment, such as reputation and service (Johnson, 2003). Greater Jakarta is the abbreviation of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. There were so many approaches given by educational institutions including the development of entrepreneurship education (Saptowalyono, 2012). Unfortunately, entrepreneurial learning in higher education was still not explored more (Taartila, 2010). In addition, a variety of approaches were given by the private and state university in developing entrepreneurship learning and equipping its graduates to face fiercer competition (Saptowalyono, 2012). However, most of the researches on education were still focused on physical facilities including a ballroom, classrooms, cafeteria and so forth.

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A growing number of organizations are using social media to promote their products erectile dysfunction kidney transplant buy 20 mg tadora mastercard, services and activities to consumers erectile dysfunction treatment in dubai purchase tadora 20mg with amex. Social media is also being used by many people for professional use;to connect with colleagues outside their organizations and even being used withinorganizations for both individual and team productivity and collaboration purposes erectile dysfunction drugs in nigeria generic tadora 20mg online. With the keep increasing number of users do erectile dysfunction pills work order tadora with amex, Edmodo came out in September 2008 becoming an educational social network. Edmodo offers a unique opportunity to connect with students and help them create norms and reflect on how different online actions will be interpreted. However, since the target market of this educational social marketing arestudents who are not alowed to sign up to popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Edmodo is more accapted for teens and highshcool students. Effects of word-ofmouth versus traditional marketing: Findings from an internet social networking site. Friends, fraudsters, and My SpaceTop 8: Writing community into being on social network sites. Teens, Privacy & online social networks: How teens manage their online identities and personal information in the age of My Space. However, it is only in 2013 that DepEd came up with a standardized instrument that measures the management of the training. A total of 1,617 evaluated the training, representing the three groups of respondents for the two batches ­ trainees, trainers and program managers. Although the training management was evaluated as very good with an average weighted mean of 3. Keywords: basic education program, training management, program evaluation, mass training of teachers I. The basic education program now encompasses at least one (1) year of kindergarten education, six (6) years of elementary education, and six (6) years of secondary education. Secondary education includes four (4) years of junior high school and two (2) years of senior high school education. Uy (2013) mentioned that the K to 12 Program aims to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, to develop lifelong learners, and to prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. Prior to the enactment of this Act, the Philippines was the only country in Asia and one of the only three countries worldwide with a ten-year pre-university cycle (Burgonio, 2013; Velasco, 2012). The national government believes that a 12year program is the adequate period for learning under basic education. It is also a standard for recognition of students and/ or professionals abroad based on the Bologna Process for the European Union and the Washington Accord for the United States (Uy, 2013). The implementation of this new curriculum entails the retooling of the teachers who are at the forefront of the basic education program. According to the Department of Education (DepEd), teachers will be given sufficient in-service training on content and pedagogy to implement this program. Current DepEd teachers shall be re-trained to meet the content and performance standards of the enhanced K to 12 curriculum. The training of teachers will follow the phased-in introduction of the enhanced curriculum. However, it was only in 2013 that DepEd came up with a standardized instrument that measures the management of the training. This is further supported by Phillips and Chagalis (1990) who stated that the purpose of evaluation is to determine the cost-benefit ratio of human resource development programs, to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the training, and determine how much the trainees have benefited. Consideration of the evaluation process, when planning a training program, is essential to enable the setting of appropriate training objectives and learning outcomes. This can help improve the quality of future training programs, thus preventing training efforts being wasted. Corollary to this, Patwardhan (retrieved on July 24, 2013, citing Deshpande, 1997) mentioned that the necessity of evaluation of the training programs becomes evident when the following purposes of evaluation are considered: (1) to determine whether the training programme is accomplishing its assigned objectives and if the objectives were right; (2) to determine the strengths and weaknesses of training activities; (3) to determine the cost/benefit ratio of the training programme; (4) to establish a data base which organization leaders can use to demonstrate the productivity and efficiency of their operational procedures; and (5) to establish a data base which can assist organization managers in making decisions. The Kirkpatrick model is a widely accepted model, which can be used for evaluating the effectiveness of training in the manufacturing industry sector. It is mainly concerned with measuring the change in skill levels achieved as a result of the training. There are four main elements within the model: reactions, learning, behavior, and results. However, the model does not consider the measurement of other critical areas before training, such as objectives, contents, and equipment needed for training.