National Health Education, Information and Communication Centre mainly conducts health promotion, education and health communication activities at all levels as following:

  • Development of policy and strategy on health promotion.
  • Development of programing and budgeting for central, provincial and local level.
  • Development of Program guideline and directives
  • Implement National Health Communication Policy 2012
  • Development, production and airing of messages through digital media.
  • Development and publication of health messages.

Major Synopsis of Health Communication

  • Orientation on different health issues.
  • Community interactions on local health issues.
  • Development, production and distribution of key health materials
  • Capacity building on health communication- IPC training, MPOWER training
  • Advocacy
  • Supervision, Monitoring and evaluation.

Focused areas of activities

  • Child Health – IMNCI, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Nutrition and EPI
  • Family Health- SM, Safe Abortion, Uterine Prolapsed, FP, ASRH, Menstrual Hygiene
  • Epidemiology and Disease Control- Malaria, Kalazar, Influenza, J. Encephalitis, Rabies, NTD, Outbreak/
  • Epidemic/Pandemic: Dengue, COVID-19
  • Communicable diseases: Tuberculosis , Leprosy, HIV/AIDS
  • Free Health Care
  • Environmental health, Outdoor and Indoor air pollution and Hygiene Program
  • Anti microbial resistant
  • Organ Transplant
  • Non-Communicable Disease : Prevention and control of NCDs,
  • Promotion of healthy diet and Physical activity
  • Tobacco and Alcohol Control
  • Health Promoting School
  • Birth defect
  • COVID 19 -Development of Radio, Television messages & broadcasting 
  • Development of Print materials & Infographics

New Initiatives

  • Oral hygiene / ENT
  • Birth defect
  • Indoor & Outdoor air pollution
  • Organ transplant
  • Anti microbial resistant
  • Health Promoting School
    Differently able people
  • COVID19 pandemic